Discovering the Best Pyramid Sites during Your Egyptian Land Tour

Discovering the Best Pyramid Sites during Your Egyptian Land Tour 1

Exploring Egypt’s Great Pyramids

Egypt’s great pyramids of Giza are the most iconic pyramids of the country. The pyramids of Giza are part of the ancient city of Memphis and were built around 2560 BC. These structures are a testament to the exceptional architecture and engineering capabilities of the ancient Egyptians.

The Giza pyramids will leave you in awe when you see these impressive structures in person. There are three pyramids in the area, with the Great Pyramid being the largest. This pyramid stands tall at 147 m and has an estimated 2.3 million stone blocks used to assemble it. A visit here can take hours, so prepare for the heat and get ready to be captivated by the country’s most storied sights.

The Saqqara Necropolis

If you want to get up close to the history of the early pharaohs, take the time to visit the Saqqara Necropolis. This necropolis is located on the west bank of the Nile River and was established as a royal burial ground back in the early dynastic period. Here you will find the Step Pyramid of Djoser, one of the earliest pyramid structures in Egypt that was built around around 2680 BC by the legendary architect and chancellor Imhotep.

While you’re at the Saqqara Necropolis, don’t miss the chance to explore the nearby tombs and pyramids. It’s worth checking out the Old Kingdom funerary complex of Unas that features vibrantly colored hieroglyphics.

The Pyramid of Khafre

The Pyramid of Khafre, also known as the Pyramid of Chefren, is the second-largest pyramid in the Giza pyramid complex. Khafre was the son of Khufu, who was the builder of the largest pyramid in the complex. The Pyramid of Khafre stands at 136 m, as it appears to be taller than its neighbor due to its positioning on a higher elevation platform.

If you’re up to it, explore inside the pyramid where you will find a series of narrow passages that lead to King Khafre’s burial chamber. The chambre features the impressive granite sarcophagus that once held Khafre’s remains. Visiting inside the pyramids will give you a glimpse of the ancient Egyptian rituals and practices.

The Bent Pyramid of Dahshur

The Bent Pyramid was constructed over 4,500 years ago and is located in the Dahshur Necropolis. The pyramid was built by Pharaoh Sneferu, the father of Khufu, who was responsible for constructing the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid was initially built with a steep angle but was later adjusted to a shallower gradient due to structural problems.

As the Pyramid of Sneferu, the Bent Pyramid is an essential part of his legacy, showing the evolution of pyramid building throughout time in ancient Egypt. Take an opportunity to stand for hours right in front of these enigmatic and visually stunning structures amid breathtaking landscapes and colors as your guide imparts their tales.

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid earned its name due to the reddish limestone used in its construction, and despite being almost as sizeable as the nearby Pyramid of Khafre, its reddish hue makes this pyramid stand out. The pyramid was built during the Rein of Sneferu and is considered to be one of the best-preserved pyramids of Egypt.

The Red Pyramid is open for visitors to explore inside, where you will feel the atmosphere of an ancient tomb, which is both eerie and beautiful at the same time. As you descend into the narrow, low-ceilinged passages, the full force of the majesty and mystery of this ancient wonder will begin to reveal itself to you. Discover additional pertinent details on the subject by checking out this thoughtfully chosen external resource., supplementary information provided.


If you’re looking for an adventure leaping into experiences that have survived the ages, take a pyramids land tour in Egypt. Visit the above top-rated sites and get enchanted by the history and views that transport you back in time. Egypt, with its pristine coastline, deserts and monuments scattered all over, will forever be an alluring destination for wandering souls and sun-seekers seeking new adventures and experiences.

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Discovering the Best Pyramid Sites during Your Egyptian Land Tour 2

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